I'm Florence Moyer.

I help mission-driven professionals, teams and organizations get really clear so they can make better decisions that lead to greater success.

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Engaging, informative, actionable interactive workshops and presentations for your team, organization, or group.

I bring a deep passion for teaching, decades of experience inspiring learners to take effective action and love of learning that borders on obsession to workshops and presentations for teams, groups and organizations.

Whether you're looking to energize a staff of hundreds, help emerging leaders cultivate executive skills or create an effective, aligned strategic plan with your board or executive team, I can help.

Have a look at the descriptions of past workshops to get an idea of the kinds of topics I've presented in the past, and let them spark your thinking about new ways I can help your team, group or organization. 

All workshops are customized to meet your needs and are available in 1-hour, half-day, full-day and multi-day formats.

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Strengths Based Leadership: Enduring Values in Action

In this interactive workshop, you will increase your understanding of your individual signature strengths and develop your personalized plan to leverage them to help you amp up your well-being, build your confidence and approach your life and work with renewed energy and ease.

More than Happy: Cultivating Sustainable Well-Being

Sustainable well-being that fuels lifelong growth and development is something we can learn to cultivate, without adding to our to-do lists. In this workshop, participants will explore the Theory of Well-Being, a framework used in organizations, schools, and the U.S. military to build resilience and flourishing, as well as learn to use this new way of thinking about how we invest our energy across the multiple domains of our lives.

Mindfulness for the Rest of Us: Calm and Focus without Adding to Your To-Do List

Practicing mindfulness, even for a short time, can help us manage stress and improve memory and focus, and you don't have to meditate for hours every day to reap its benefits. This interactive workshop will teach busy professionals in fast-paced, rapidly-changing environments how to boost their effectiveness, grow their creativity and strengthen their physical, mental and emotional health by infusing their current, day-to-day lives with mindfulness.

Navigating the Change Cycle

Inevitable and necessary for continued growth, navigating significant life changes can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and downright exhausting. While each life change you will experience is unique, every transformation follows the same four, predictable stages. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the stages of the change cycle so that they can better predict, prepare for, and navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of each stage.

Maximizing Personal Return on Investment

As mission-driven professionals, we routinely monitor return on investment in our businesses and organizations, but rarely take the time to consider our personal ROI. In this interactive workshop, you will gain valuable insight on how you currently invest your time, energy, and effort, and to what return, and develop strategies for improving the quality of your life today.

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