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Episode 000. December 5, 2017

Imagine you’re at this big conference, in a fancy hotel ballroom, sitting at one of those round tables, listening to a speaker in the front of the room, together with a hundred or so other conference-goers who are sitting at other round tables just like you. . . .


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Imagine you’re at this big conference, in a fancy hotel ballroom, sitting at one of those round tables, listening to a speaker in the front of the room, together with a hundred or so other conference-goers who are sitting at other round tables just like you.

The speaker shares a concept, an idea, an opportunity that instantly gets you so fired up, you notice your hands are grasping the bottom of your chair so that you can’t jump up on to the middle of that round table and shout, “I want me some of that!”

Fiction? It happened to me. Twice.

The ideas that led me to grasping the bottoms of those chairs still influence my work and my life every day.

Together with my experience and education, the learning that those big-time ah-ha moments led me to became the basis of what I call Positive Navigation.

My first try-not-to-jump-up-on-the-table moment came when I learned about bringing deep connection with the natural world into my work. And my life.

The second was about incorporating evidence-based tools from positive psychology into my work. And my life.

The results – in my life and the lives of the people I work with – have been so significant that there are moments when I kind of wish I had jumped up on those tables after all.

So what does that mean for you, as you listen to, subscribe to, and tell all your friends to listen to and subscribe to this podcast?

It means you’ll learn practical, doable ways to be well, do good, and enjoy the ride.

Nice tag line. But what does it really mean?

It means that you’ll learn to cultivate sustainable well-being, renewable personal energy, and the kind of resilience that will support you in doing work in the world that fulfills you and serves others, no matter what obstacles come your way.

All without adding tons of tasks to your to do list.

Positive Navigation isn’t about wasting energy trying to manufacture fake happiness or pretend away obstacles, negatives or challenges.

Positive Navigation is about trusting that there’s always another way and having the agility, energy, and courage to find and navigate other ways with ease and grace.

In each episode, I’ll use a combination of stories, case studies, and examples to share an evidence-based concept or practice in a way intended to make it so compelling and accessible that you can’t wait to try it out in your own life.

The more you do, the more your well-being will grow, and the more equipped you’ll become to be well, do good, and enjoy the ride.

So why does this matter, this idea of Positive Navigation – sustainable well-being to help you do good and enjoy the ride? And why now?

Have you watched the news lately? Read a newspaper, either online or in 3-D? Gotten caught up in a verbal slugfest on social media?

We live in challenging times.

On a good day, our world is so volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, there’s even an acronym for it: VUCA. On a not so good day, the level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in our world can feel downright overwhelming.

Change is so unrelenting and rapid, it feels impossible to keep up.

It’s harder and harder to predict what those changes will look like and the effect they’ll have.

And those changes are causing multiple systems and structures to shift and dissolve to the point that we barely can recognize them – let alone use them as touch points to navigate our lives.

Choosing the right thing or things from more and more ever-changing options kicks us into exhaustion and overwhelm, we’re wired and tired, stress-out and burned out all at the same time.

Positive Navigators know there’s always another way.

And that cultivating sustainable well-being and renewable personal energy is the surest path to finding the other effective, meaningful, and joyful ways to work. And to live.

So I told you a story – about my valiantly holding myself back from making a fool out of myself at not one but two conferences.

I gave you a taste of where we’re headed: evidence-based tools and tactics so compelling and accessible you’ll be exited to try them out to boost your well-being, amp up your well-doing and experience more meaning and joy.

Here’s your first challenge-slash-opportunity.

Do a kindness.

In his book Flourish (http://www NULL.simonandschuster NULL.com/books/Flourish/Martin-E-P-Seligman/9781439190760), Martin Seligman shares a story from his friend Stephen Post. When he was a young boy, and his mother saw that he was in a bad mood, she would say, “Stephen, you are looking piqued. Why don’t you go out and help someone?” Seligman goes on to report that, empirically, Mother Post’s suggestion has been put to rigorous test, and scientists has found that doing a kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being of any exercise they have tested.

So hop to it: do a kindness, boost your well-being.

Thanks so much for listening – and for liking, commenting on, subscribing, and sharing this episode with a friend.

I can’t wait to share the next episode of Positive Navigation.

Remember, information and intentions are great, but inspired action is better, so get out there and be well, do good, and enjoy the ride.

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