Success Stories

A young career professional had a hunch about what was next for him, but was hesitant to make the leap. In a few coaching sessions, he came to realize just how aligned his long-dreamed-of next step was with the strengths and skills that had energized him his whole life, which make taking the next step simple to the point of inevitability.
With a personal milestone on the horizon, a copywriter told me, "I don't want to do this until I retire. I feel like I need to make a move sooner rather than later." As we explored the life she wanted to create by that "big" birthday, she took small steps that reinvigorated her to the point that she felt great about putting off a big career transition for a few more years.
An emerging leader was excited about moving to be closer to her fiancé. And overwhelmed at the thought of finding a new job in a new city. During our work together, she found clarity amid the chaos, rediscovered strengths and skills she had put aside in her old job and found a new one where she gets to use them every day.
After beating herself up that her coaching practice hadn't grown the way she'd hoped, I helped a solo professional understand that what she wanted was the flexibility to spend more time with her family and in nature. As she embraced those priorities, she discovered a new, ease-filled way to attract the right clients, in the right numbers.