Short-Term Coaching for Big-Time Impact

binoculars short-term coaching big-time impactIs short-term coaching effective?

It depends.

Maybe you’re ready to invest in short-term coaching to help you figure out what’s next, craft a plan to make it happen, and/or navigate your journey, and of course, you want your efforts and investment to be effective.

Call me biased, but my own and my clients’ experience shows that working with a coach is a fantastic way to get clear, make wise decisions, and start creating the kinds of success you want in your life and work.

How long will it take?

The truth that you probably don’t want to hear: it depends.

Conventional wisdom – as if there’s anything conventional about the personal growth and development of a unique human being, like you – is that it takes at least three months to create lasting change.

In some cases, that’s true, but – wait for it – it depends.

Short-Term Coaching

Instead of making a case of a certain number of coaching sessions over a certain period of time, though, my purpose with this post is to share some of what you can accomplish in just three sessions with a great coach.

Me, for instance.

Get Unstuck

If you’re hiring a coach because you feel like something’s got to change but aren’t exactly clear about what or how, you’re probably experiencing a wee bit of doubt about yourself and your gifts.

Strengths and skills? No clue. I just want to feel better.

Priorities? Beyond feeling better? Nada. That’s why I’m hiring you.

If this is you, in my experience, three private coaching sessions can help you begin to get clear about your strengths, values, and priorities – the foundation on which you can make wise decisions and craft a plan to move forward.

Get a Plan

Let’s say you’re pretty clear about your personal brilliance – the ways of being and doing in the world that come so naturally that they your energy tanks if you can’t use them – and your priorities, the things you want (and don’t want) as you move forward.

If you’re feeling clear about your brilliance and more than a little optimistic about the future, three sessions can be a great way to turn your yearnings into an actionable, personal strategic plan.

Get Results

You got clear.

You made wise decisions about your next steps.

You crafted a plan and set about making it real.

You started to work your plan.

Until you didn’t.

When that happens, short-term coaching can help you identify and navigate roadblocks, overcome procrastination, and create forward momentum.

Coaches tend to have a love it or hate it response to the word “accountability,” but when it helps folks move toward being accountable toward themselves and their goals, I’m all for making it part of a coaching relationship.

Something is Better Than Nothing

Can you change your life in three coaching sessions?

(You know what’s next, right?)

It depends.

As long as you choose something that does no harm, in my experience, when you want to create change, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

When that something is investing in short-term coaching and doing nothing is just more of the same old thing that’s not working, that investment can help you get clear, make wise decisions about creating a plan, and take solid steps toward the future you yearn for.

That’s why I created Clarity Sessions, three private coaching sessions to focus on what matters most to you right now.

Learn more here and then schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to learn more about how coaching works, experience a mini coaching session, and figure out which option will serve you best. Click the button below to schedule your call.

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