Time for a New Vision

vision giant tree meadow blue sky

Clearing away what no longer serves you is essential to making space for a vision of what does.

That view.

Brilliant blue sky. Vast lawn. Unimpeded view of that enormous ancient tree.

An hour of sitting with nature in that space renewed my spirit like few other experiences can.

It wasn’t until after the requisite post on social media that I realized the view I found so inspiring hadn’t been possible a few days earlier.

That stump in the foreground? It’s all that remains of another tree, a magnificent but dying beech that was at high risk of harming people and other trees as it dropped large, dead branches and eventually fell altogether.

The sounds of its demise jangled my nerves and hurt my heart, even as my brain knew that everything had been done to save it in a way that would keep neighboring trees and visiting humans safe.

Knowing it was in an arboretum, a place that’s in the business of nurturing new trees at a rate much greater than removing old, dying ones eased my sadness.

My mourning for the beech slowly gave way to gratitude as I marveled at the new view of the giant cedar it had stood beside for over a century.

What’s Blocking Your View?

Your current view of your life, your experience, your world, isn’t the only one.

And your view of what’s possible for your future?

There’s a good chance it’s blocked, just like that magnificent view in my photo was blocked by the dying beech tree.

Blocked by a mindset, a relationship, a job. Or a combination of all three.

Blocked by something that might not be as dangerous as that dying tree, but it’s definitely in the way of the expansive new vision that’s possible when you remove it.

It might have taken years to grow. Maybe not since 1880 like that tree.

It won’t take as long to dismantle. Maybe more than a few hour like that tree.

Removing it will take effort. More effective and easier if, like the smart and capable arborists and horticulturists at the arboretum, you enlist the support of an expert.

And a decision. That part’s up to you.

It’s Time for a New Vision

The new year begins two months from today.

Whether your vision for your future for 2018 is blocked by something that’s dying and dangerous or something that’s smaller, more innocuous, and maybe just an annoyance, I stand ready to help.

I will support you in:

  • identifying what’s blocking your vision
  • figuring out the kindest and most effective way to remove it
  • creating a vision for what’s next
  • taking solid steps to make your new vision real.

Christopher Peterson, one of the founders of the discipline of positive psychology, left a rich and important body of work when he suddenly passed away, much too young. I keep this quote of his front and center on the wall just behind my laptop:

Days are long. Life is short. Live it well.

It’s time to clear away the blocks, craft your vision for the future, and take solid steps to make it happen.

You’re going to love the view.


Learn more about how I can help you craft your vision and make it happen. Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute Learn More About Coaching Call today.

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