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begin with thanks gratitude practice

When I was a brand new coach, one of the first things I did was a lead group coaching course on gratitude.

Two people signed up.

I was thrilled.

I taught and coached. They showed up fully and shared with courage and compassion.

We learned. We grew. We supported one another in community.

We connected deeply, with one another and with ourselves.

Each of us transformed gratitude from a nice idea that we said we wanted more of in our lives to a meaningful practice that fed us and fueled us and opened us to make space for more joy in our lives.

I loved leading it. They loved being a part of it.

A few years later, I put it out into the world again.

Three years in a row.

No one signed up.

Thank goodness.

Caught up in the bigger, better, more, more, more mentality that I’ve seen so many coaches fall into, treating “the gratitude thing” as a small offer, almost a side hustle to my “real” work, I was in a place where I wouldn’t have even come close to doing a decent job of serving anyone who might have signed up.

Things are different now.

In the seven years since the first iteration of Begin with Thanks, the world has become more chaotic, more volatile, less secure feeling, more frightening.

Joy feels harder to come by. Sometimes, it feels impossible.

Which makes practicing gratitude even more important.

That’s why I’ve revamped Begin with Thanks and am thrilled to offer it this November.

This time, I’m all in.

  • To help you connect deeply with yourself and others.
  • To support you in creating a gratitude practice that’s a perfect fit for you.
  • To guide you in harnessing the power of gratitude to cultivate joy and build the resilience and well-being you need, now more than ever, to navigate the world with joy.

Fighting the evil in the world from a place of sadness, anger, and fear has me exhausted.

You, too?

It’s not very effective, either, is it?

I’m not going to pretend those “negative” emotions away, but I’m not going to keep letting them overwhelm me, either.

I’m going to meet the bad stuff in the world – and we all know there’s plenty of it out there – with positive emotion and energy that’s built on the practice of gratitude.

Let’s do this.

Begin with Thanks.


This November.

Four one-hour coaching calls Thursdays, November 2, 9, 16, and 30, at 12:00 noon or 7:00 p.m. ET.

(On November 23, Thanksgiving in the U.S., we’ll celebrate with a powerful virtual ceremony for those who choose to participate by getting together on a brief call, its time to be determined by the group.)

Join this virtual campfire of coaching, connection, and community to learn more about and practice gratitude in ways that cultivate joy.

Investment: $59

I’m all in.

I hope you are, too.

[twocol_one]Register for Begin with Thanks, 12:00 pm ET (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=4377251)


[twocol_one_last]Register for Begin with Thanks, 7:00 pm ET (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=4377494)

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