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Good Things

Good Things

Are you ready for change but can't quite figure out where to begin?

Do you want to get a sense of what's possible when we work together to help you get clear and make better decisions that lead to greater success?

Are you new to coaching and want to get a feel for how it can help?

Do you have short-term objectives that you need support to turn into great-feeling accomplishments?

Do you need a deep listening and powerful questions to navigate a challenging situation?

Good Things

A small package of coaching goodness.

(https://i0 NULL.wp NULL.jpg)Inspired by the truism that good things come in small packages, Good Things is intended to help you get clear so you can start taking powerful, aligned steps toward the "next" you're longing for - even if you haven't quite figured out what that next is or how to get there.

If you're new to my work, you'll walk away with a first-hand understanding of how coaching works and how it can help you create the success you want. 

More important, though, the strategies and tools we use together? You'll be able to continue to use them, effectively, on your own because you'll learn them not just in theory but through first hand experience.

Good Things includes:

  • A 30-minute Clarity Call to help us determine whether we're a good fit and to help us to hit the ground running during subsequent coaching calls.

  • A Personal Assessment to help you get clear about what you want to accomplish during our work together.

  • Four 30-minute coaching calls where I show up fully, with all of my skills, talents and coaching goodness to help you get clear so you can make smart decisions that lead to success on your terms.

  • Between-call connection. After each call, I'll send you resources to support and expand on things that came up during our call. Before our next call, you'll send me a completed Session Prep form to help keep the momentum going.

  • We'll conclude with a 30-minute Next Steps call to tie a ribbon around your progress and articulate next steps for your journey.

Let's review. That's six, 30-minute coaching calls plus between-call support.

Investment: $500

I'm in. Sign me up for Good Things (https://www NULL.paypal 

Good Things, six, 30-minute coaching calls and between-call support to help you get clear so you can make good decisions that lead to your success.

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