Make better decisions. Create more success.

I help mission-driven individuals, teams & organizations make better decisions and have more success.

When I began coach training, I honed my skills in short, focused coaching sessions.

My clients loved it. So did I.

Before long, though, I fell into the trap of thinking that "real" coaches offer longer sessions over a longer period of time. Of course I wanted to be a "real" coach, so I ditched the short, super-focused sessions. (Note to self: making decisions based on what you think others consider real? Not the best plan.)

It's true the lasting, transformative change often takes time, and that's when longer-term coaching is best.

It's also true that sometimes a half an hour a few times a month is enough.

  • To discover whether coaching is right for you.
  • To find calm amid chaos.
  • To flesh out an idea.
  • To get support to make that idea happen in the real world.
  • To FOCUS.

FOCUS is a coaching subscription that includes two, 30-minute individual phone coaching sessions each month. That means you get my full FOCUS, skills and talents for a half an hour, on the phone, two times each month.

It’s affordably priced at $175/month, via PayPal subscription.

After the first month, cancel whenever you feel you’ve gotten the FOCUS you need. If you decide you need more coaching after that first month, receive a 15% discount off my regular individual coaching rates for up to three subsequent months. 

JOIN FOCUS NOW (https://www NULL.paypal


Scheduling? You manage it for yourself, using a link I’ll provide. 

Confidentially? Always.

Combine two 30-minute sessions into one, hour-long one? No.

Bank sessions for a subsequent month? Nope.

Refunds? Once we’ve had an initial 30-minute coaching session, no. But you can cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

Can we really accomplish something in 30 minutes? You’ll be amazed at just how much.

JOIN FOCUS NOW (https://www NULL.paypal

Make better decisions. Create more success.