Energetic Support for a New Season

Energetic Support for a New Season

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The weather here in the Philly burbs is making it hard to accept that it will soon be autumn - temps in the low 90s, seriously? - but noticing the sun set a bit earlier each evening and seeing fall colors in the trees makes it clear that autumn, she is a-comin'.

A new season means it’s the perfect time to clarify your intentions and get the support of a powerful energetic container as they unfold.

Equinox Energy: CCTTM Mini Session

To honor the autumn equinox here in the northern hemisphere, I’m offering a limited number of Equinox Energy: CCTTM Mini Sessions.

Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM (CCTTM) is an energy protocol based on energy science that powerfully combines conscious intent with the energy of the earth. As a trained CCTTM practitioner, I find it a highly effective way to support myself and my clients in creating ease, growth and transformation. 

When you book a Equinox Energy: CCTTM Mini Session, you get a private, 30-minute call during which I’ll help you clarify your intentions for the coming season and then use a CCTTM protocol that will support you and your intentions in a powerful way.

Equinox Energy: CCTTM Mini Session: $45

Available through September 28.

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