Better Decisions. More Success.

I'm Florence Moyer.

I help smart professionals get clear so they can make better decisions that lead to greater success.

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Career & Life Strategy Coaching

Your wise decision when:

You want to craft a career - and a life - that’s aligned with your definition of success, but can't seem to get started on your own.

You want support to navigate a career transition, whether it's figuring out what’s next, seeking a promotion, starting strong in a new job or reinventing your career from the ground up.

You want to cultivate the leadership, communication and executive skills that will help you be more effective at work and across all areas of your life.

You want to launch, lead and grow an ethical, sustainable project, organization or business.

Whether you're a new grad, emerging leader, in transition, seasoned professional, or business owner, I can help.

I can help you get clear so you can make better decisions that lead to greater success.

About your career. Your business. Your life.

To create more success, the way you define it.

I offer multiple coaching options depending on your needs. Check out the descriptions below to determine which option fits you best - then schedule a complimentary Learn More About Coaching (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=148299) call to talk about how we can work together. 

Coaching Options

(https://i1 NULL.wp NULL.jpg)Clarity Sessions

Three, 1-hour private coaching sessions over four to six weeks.


(https://i2 NULL.wp NULL.jpg)Strategy Sessions

Seven, 1-hour private coaching sessions over two to three months.


(https://i2 NULL.wp NULL.jpg)Momentum Sessions

Thirteen, 1-hour private coaching sessions over three to six months.


(https://i2 NULL.wp NULL.jpg)Strategic Intensive

1-hour session, a 6-hour day of coaching, and two, 1-hour follow-up sessions.


Not sure which option is best for you?

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to learn more about how coaching works, experience a mini coaching session, and figure out which option will serve you best. Click the button below to schedule your call.

Schedule a Learn More About Coaching Call (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=148299)

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