When you work with me, you get the support you need to grow the clarity, confidence and courage to make wise decisions and take effective actions that lead to your success, no matter the world’s complexity, chaos and constant change. 

We live in a time where it often feels like we can’t pause long enough to take a breath, let alone initiate personal or professional transformation. 

I believe that now, more than ever, we’re called to be well, do good and enjoy the ride.

To pursue lives and work aligned with our truest selves. To continue to grow and develop and serve throughout our lives. To be well, do good and enjoy the heck out of the journey.

When you hire me as your coach, you get my full attention as well as all of my strengths, knowledge, and skills as a master certified coach: deep listening, powerful questions, intellect, intuition and my almost freakish ability to see connections that others miss and how seemingly divergent parts can come together to create a unique and beautiful whole.

I'm on a mission to help smart, caring professionals flourish in the new world of work.

As your coach, I'll help you:

  • navigate a life or career transition, from figuring out what's next to starting strong in a new position
  • craft a career strategy aligned with your concept of success and take powerful steps toward your goals
  • cultivate leadership, communication, and executive skills that serve you at work and in life
  • launch, implement, lead, and grow an ethical, sustainable project, organization or business.

Coaching Specialties

  • figuring out what's next - from post college and grad school launch to crafting a vibrant third act
  • navigating life and career transitions
  • crafting a personal strategic plan
  • putting your plan into action
  • cultivating more balance, meaning, and purpose in your life

Coaching Options

Clarity Sessions

Seven, 1-hour private coaching sessions: $1225

Momentum Sessions

Thirteen, 1-hour private coaching sessions: $2275 

Strategic Intensive

A single 1-hour private coaching session, plus a 6-hour day of private coaching and two, 1-hour follow-up coaching sessions: $1575 

Single Session

A single, 1-hour private coaching session for returning clients: $175

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call (https://florencemoyerllc to learn more about how coaching works, experience a mini coaching session, and figure out which option will serve you best. 

Schedule a Learn More About Coaching Call (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=148299) 

Where do coaching sessions take place? Who do I schedule my coaching sessions? How should I prepare for my coaching sessions? What else will help me prepare for our work together?

Customized Programs for Corporate Clients

For organizations seeking support in:

  • developing new leaders
  • 360 reviews and coaching
  • team building
  • strategic planning facilitation
  • delivering and debriefing Myers-Briggs, DiSC 2.0, StrengthsFinder 2.0 and other assessments
  • employee outplacement coaching
  • skill building

If your organization has these needs or could otherwise benefit from executive coaching, schedule a call (https://florencemoyerllc with me or email (florencemoyer null@null me me, and I will create a detailed, customized proposal to meet your needs. 

Martha Beck Master Certified Life Coach


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