Clarity Sessions

Get Clear. Move Forward.

Find ease in making wise decisions that lead to more success.


How often are you able to bring your best to your work and life?

Do you feel called to navigate a new path but can’t seem to get started?

Do you swing back and forth between feeling like there are too many choices and not enough options?

Does it feel like you can’t seem to identify and trust your unique strengths, values, and skills or own your priorities for how and where you want to use them?

When you feel stuck and unsure,

Clarity Sessions are your perfect starting place.

Four private, one-hour coaching sessions to help you reconnect with your unique strengths, values, and priorities and craft a plan to use them in ways that light you up as you serve others.

Through deep listening, powerful questions, and a proven coaching framework, you will learn and practice tools and strategies to:
  • Get clear about your values and understand how living and working in alignment with your values boosts your effectiveness, energy, and enjoyment.
  • Get clear about your strengths, the ways you naturally accomplish things in the world, and learn to use them to your advantage.
  • Clarify and own your priorities so you can easily make wise decisions about your work and your life and stop burning energy worrying about what-if’s.
  • Craft a plan for sustainable well-being that will support you in being well, doing good, and enjoying the ride.

When you work with me as your coach, you get my full attention as well as all of my strengths, knowledge, and skills as a master certified coach: deep listening, powerful questions, intellect, intuition and my almost freakish ability to see connections that others miss and to notice how seemingly divergent parts can come together to create a unique and beautiful whole.

Clarity Sessions

Four, 1-hour private coaching sessions over 4-6 weeks. $700

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Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute Learn More About Coaching Call (https://florencemoyerllc NULL.acuityscheduling NULL.php?appointmentType=category:COACHING+POSSIBILITIES) so we can get to know one another and figure out the best options to help you be well, do good, and enjoy the ride.