Chart Your Course

Chart Your Course

A Personal Strategic Plan You Can't Wait to Implement

Because Staying Stuck Serves No One, Least of All You

Things were going fine. Until they weren't.

It's clear that something shifted.

Something outside of you. A small shift at work or at home or both. A big shift in the whole wide world.

Something within you. A milestone birthday. Empty nest or retirement on the horizon. Restlessness. Blah-ness. 

You're tired of feeling stuck between figuring out what feels off and what comes next. You have a sense that you're supposed to do something, except you're not sure what, exactly. Just something different.

It's time to Chart Your Course

Chart Your Course will help you:

  • shift from overwhelm to forward motion
  • replace being wired and tired with ease and confidence
  • stop flipping between blah, scattered and stuck and start feeling energized, focused and excited about the future.






Florence Moyer is an exceptional coach.  She’s smart, listens avidly and asks powerful questions leading to meaningful insights and relief from confusion and overwhelm.  She leads each session with integrity, compassion and provides a safe space for you to do the work to uncover the insights that fuel you forward.

~ Helen Samson Mullen: Executive Coach and Wellness Strategist

Private, One-on-One Coaching 

  • 7, one-hour coaching sessions, over the phone or on Skype or Google+
  • evidence-based tools and tactics you can begin to apply right away and that have lasting impact
  • pre-work assignments to begin to make the most of your first coaching session and
  • customized between-session assignments to help you keep the momentum going and creat, positive, lasting change.

An Aligned Personal Strategic Plan You Can't Wait to Implement

The result of your:

  • getting crystal clear about your strengths, values, and priorities
  • anticipating potential obstacles and devising strategies to navigate them
  • testing and trying meaningful, positive first steps toward your goals
  • practicing techniques to build resilience and sustainable personal energy for the long haul.

I’m Florence Moyer and my joy is helping mission-driven individuals, teams and organizations accomplish well-doing in the world while cultivating sustainable well-being to flourish in their lives, their communities and the world.

I've been there - and back - when it comes to being stuck. I can help you get clear about who you are at your best and what lights you up and use those insights to create a strategic plan to help you navigate the the life and work you yearn for.

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Where will you be, three months from now?

Still stuck, or taking meaningful steps toward the well-being you deserve and the well-doing the world needs?

It's time for you to Chart Your Course.

Seven, 1-hour private coaching sessions, plus pre-work and between session support all designed to help you get clear about your strengths, values and priorities, anticipate and plan to overcome obstacles, take meaningful, positive steps toward your goals - all as you build the resilience and personal renewable energy to keep moving toward your goals with ease and joy.

Your investment: $1,400.

Your return: an aligned strategic plan you can't wait to implement.

Start Charting YOUR Course Today (http://www NULL.flomotioncoaching 


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