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be the first you

Be The First You

Imagine feeling curious and excited every day. Using your innate strengths and skills with intention. Living in alignment with your values. It’s not like you wave a magic wand and everything comes easily. You have to expend effort to make things happen. It’s just that you do it in a way that energizes you and […]

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Time for a New Vision

Clearing away what no longer serves you is essential to making space for a vision of what does. That view. Brilliant blue sky. Vast lawn. Unimpeded view of that enormous ancient tree. An hour of sitting with nature in that space renewed my spirit like few other experiences can. It wasn’t until after the requisite […]

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gratitude at work classroom musical instruments

Do You Know More About Gratitude at Work Than a Fifth Grader?

I learned about the power of gratitude at work from a bunch of ten-year-olds. A strange thing happened at the beginning of what became my final year teaching middle school music. The new fifth graders thanked me. After every class. Sincerely and authentically. Thank you for teaching us. Thanks for a fun class. Thank you. […]

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resting buddha

In Praise of Contentment

When did contentment become less than enough? The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu may have considered contentment to be the greatest treasure, but in our fast-paced, achievement at all costs culture, it’s often viewed less positively. Don’t settle. Strive, struggle, work harder for more, bigger, faster. Level up your summer! (By buying our new car.) […]

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learning by doing with small steps

Learning By Doing

Learning by doing is one of the best ways to get the clarity you need to make wise decisions. Maybe it’s from all the stories about how, when my grandparents were broke during the Great Depression, the neighbors would call my dad and his brothers in for after school snacks. Or the times my godfather […]

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Kindness at Work

I’ve put in more than my share of time in hospitals. Not to the level of someone with a chronic or debilitating illness, thank goodness, or even someone with a family member with significant health challenges. But I’m more comfortable than most people in places where the majority of employees wear scrubs or lab coats. […]

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When to Hire a Professional

Let’s say you’re about to make a major presentation at work. The room is packed. Attendees have traveled from far and near to be there. Your boss is seated so close, with one her closest confidantes at her side, you could easily reach out and touch them.  The moment you inhale to begin, the boss’ […]

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navigate the in between

Navigating the In-Between

A friend of mine is celebrating her first day of retirement today. After forty-five years as a music educator. In the same job. That she landed straight out of college. She’s never had to navigate the in-between. The world of work doesn’t work that way any more. It hasn’t for a long, long time. In […]

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decisions success

Better Decisions. More Success.

Choose wisely. Make up your mind. Make a good decision. Easier said than done. Because there are so many options. Which sometimes makes it feel like there aren’t any. Besides, who has time to research all, or even a few of those options, to the point that a decision feels good? When every single decision has […]

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humidifier use what you have

Use What You Have

Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation that fell somewhere between uncomfortable and miserable on the suffering scale, even though what you needed to get unstuck was within reach? I sure have. After a recent trip to an altitude where oxygen and humidity are precious commodities, though, I am resoled to use what I have to […]

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