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You Always Have a Choice

Episode 003: You Always Have a Choice

  The (metaphorical) wheel of fortune may turn at whim, but you always have a choice about how you think about and respond to circumstances. Learn how to get better results by examining and replacing the thoughts that don’t serve you, no matter the circumstances.   Resources The Work of Byron Katie (http://thework Albert […]

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temple bells

Episode 002: Stealth Mindfulness

If you think meditating for hours on end is the only way to achieve the benefits of mindfulness, think again. In this episode, learn approaches to mindfulness – without meditation – from founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Jon Kabat-Zinn, poet and writing teacher Marie Howe and Harvard social psychologist Ellens Langer that will help you reap […]

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reframing reframing

Episode 001: Reframing Reframing

  Learn how two questions can improve your life almost instantly.       Resources: Cognitive Reframing (http://study NULL.html) Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant – Option B (https://optionb Marting Seligman – Three Good Things (https://youtu

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Positive Navigation Podcast

Episode 000: Welcome and Thanks

  Find out what the “positive” and “navigation” in Positive Navigation are all about and learn a simple practice to boost your positivity quickly and with ease.

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