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Real Mindfulness

I have this story about myself about how, since I don’t practice “real” meditation, I not allowed to claim that I do the mindfulness thing. (As if there’s this omniscient, unseen Mindfulness Proctor who watches and evaluates us, right?) That story’s false, and it has been since at least sixteen years ago. An ordinary work […]

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Just Be Present

Maybe it really is as simple as just being present. Doing one thing at a time. Fully noticing that one thing. I’ve been thinking – by which I mean stressing and obsessing – about mindfulness lately. Presented a webinar, led a call, waded through countless posts online (new world record for open browser tabs) and […]

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drive slowly

Mindfulness – at Your Own Pace

I’ve visited the church where this driveway sign welcomes visitors every December for over a decade. Three trips each visit. Two rehearsals and a concert. In the dark. Often in the rain. Sometimes snow. Always during rush hour, wondering why the heck we call it rush hour, anyway, since it’s way longer than an hour […]

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