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When to Hire a Professional

Let’s say you’re about to make a major presentation at work. The room is packed. Attendees have traveled from far and near to be there. Your boss is seated so close, with one her closest confidantes at her side, you could easily reach out and touch them.  The moment you inhale to begin, the boss’ […]

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navigate the in between

Navigating the In-Between

A friend of mine is celebrating her first day of retirement today. After forty-five years as a music educator. In the same job. That she landed straight out of college. She’s never had to navigate the in-between. The world of work doesn’t work that way any more. It hasn’t for a long, long time. In […]

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personal strategic plan

No Job is Secure and How to Create Career Success Anyway

No job is secure. Tell me about it. At the end of a job that started with a full-on panic attack on day one and ended in turmoil twelve years later, that was my response to this core belief of the Career Invention Coaching Certification I undertook as part of my exit strategy. Great salary and benefits, […]

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make a difference where you are

Make a Difference Where You Are

I was this close to going to law school. In a quarter-life crisis, before quarter-life crises were a thing, ignoring my heart’s desires, my exploration of “respectable” careers – where respectable was code for lucrative jobs that my parents would understand – led me to taking the law boards. Correction. Rocking the LSAT. Nuts, now the decision’s 100% on […]

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catalysts to transformation

Shocks, Opportunities Transitions: Catalysts Spark Transformation

Change happens. Catalysts spark big change. I am so not talking high school chemistry. Sophomore year: the perfect storm of my teenaged flake-out and Mr. Elmer’s elephant-like memory. And possible mid-life crisis. The only teacher to remember my big brother after eleven years, he still held a grudge against Steve for an infraction so minor […]

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new world of work

Not Your Mama’s Career Strategy

Looks to me like you just can’t keep a job. Wry smile and twinkle in his eye notwithstanding, my accountant’s remark stung. Fresh out of music school, I was making ends meet the best I could while interviewing for a full-time teaching job. Logging more than 40 hours a week between two part-time jobs – […]

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