Career Strategy

Career Strategy

Make better decisions. Create more success.


Do you want to craft a career that’s aligned with your definition of success, but don’t know exactly where to start?

Do you want support to navigate a career transition, whether it's figuring out what’s next, seeking a promotion, starting strong in a new job or reinventing your career from the ground up?

Do you want to cultivate the leadership, communication and executive skills that will help you be more effective at work and across all areas of your life?

Do you want to launch, lead and grow an ethical, sustainable project, organization or business?

When you know your strengths, values and priorities, you make better decisions.

About your career. Your business. Your life.

Decisions that lead to more success, the way you define it.

Whether you're a new grad, emerging leader, in transition or seasoned professional, I can help.

My highest intention is to support you in crafting a career where you feel energized and engaged more often than not and that supports you in making a positive difference in the world.

Career Strategy

Career Strategy coaching is a good fit when you:

  • Know you want something different in your career but can’t quite pinpoint what’s next.

  • Have a sense about where you want to go and need an effective strategy to get there.

  • Are navigating a transition - from college to career, first job to emerging leader, promotion, relocation, returning to the workforce or starting to plan a meaningful third act - and want to make wise decisions that lead to success.

  • Want support to launch, lead or grow an ethical, sustainable project, business or organization. 


  • 3-month coaching program: 7, 60-minute sessions: $1,400

  • 6-month coaching program: 13, 60-minute sessions:  $2,600

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