Big Kids Need to Play, Too

The first snow day was a perfectly-timed delight. Two steps from heading out the door when the call came, I enjoyed a fun, productive day. Writing. Cleaning. Organizing fourteen bags of recycles, trash, and “donates.” Yoga. Reading. A little semi-mindless television. A lot of facebook. A couple of great phone. . . .

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Hearing Your Inner GPS

How did you like Seth Godin (http://www NULL.sethgodin‘s post on blindly following the commands of your GPS? Missed it? Check it out here (http://sethgodin NULL.typepad NULL.html). Really. Go read it now. I’ll wait. So? Which GPS could use a little disobedience from you? Maybe it’s the friend who. . . .

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Scottsdale mountains

“This is Not How Arizona Is”

Like so many others, I learned of the shootings in Tuscon yesterday through social media and internet news sites. So many emotions, swarming so quickly.  Horror.  Shock.  Anger.  Sadness for the victims and their families.  For the bystanders.  For all of us. I turned on the television, and seeing those. . . .

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green candle

Want or Abundance?

I lit a green candle for abundance first thing this morning. Not just any old green candle. It’s bayberry, bursting with abundance-producing super powers. Or so I thought. Today’s first email scolded me for having an overdue balance on a credit card I rarely use. A huge overdue balance. Ah,. . . .

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spa towel

Wrapped Up in a Reward

“Ripppppp.” Thus spake my bath sheet as I wrapped it around my shoulders yesterday morning. You’re thinking, “wow, her holiday food frenzy must have been extreme,” right? Ha! You’re wrong. In fact, I weighed exactly the same on the day after New Years as I did the day before Thanksgiving,. . . .

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Choosing to be the Hummingbird

One of my intentions this year is to minimize my carbon footprint, something I’m going to have to get really creative about as long as my day gig takes me on a forty-plus-mile commute five days a week and my weekend gig is 70 miles away from home, one way.. . . .

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Choosing Freedom over Shoulds

My first thought when I woke up on New Years morning started with “I should.” I should write in my journal. Right now. I should capture my first marginally coherent thoughts of 2011, on paper, in my own hand, before they’re rendered less real by coffee or Facebook. Before I. . . .

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