Welcome and Thanks

Episode 000. December 5, 2017 Imagine you’re at this big conference, in a fancy hotel ballroom, sitting at one of those round tables, listening to a speaker in the front of the room, together with a hundred or so other conference-goers who are sitting at other round tables just like. . . .

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Be The First You

Imagine feeling curious and excited every day. Using your innate strengths and skills with intention. Living in alignment with your values. It’s not like you wave a magic wand and everything comes easily. You have to expend effort to make things happen. It’s just that you do it in a. . . .

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Time for a New Vision

Clearing away what no longer serves you is essential to making space for a vision of what does. That view. Brilliant blue sky. Vast lawn. Unimpeded view of that enormous ancient tree. An hour of sitting with nature in that space renewed my spirit like few other experiences can. It. . . .

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Can a Grateful Heart Save Your Life?

Can keeping a gratitude journal prevent you from having a heart attack? Several researchers have discovered a connection between gratitude and heart health and are digging deeper to discern the how and the how much. A significant body of research reveals a link between gratitude and physical health – think. . . .

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gratitude at work classroom musical instruments

Do You Know More About Gratitude at Work Than a Fifth Grader?

I learned about the power of gratitude at work from a bunch of ten-year-olds. A strange thing happened at the beginning of what became my final year teaching middle school music. The new fifth graders thanked me. After every class. Sincerely and authentically. Thank you for teaching us. Thanks for. . . .

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begin with thanks gratitude practice

Begin with Thanks

When I was a brand new coach, one of the first things I did was a lead group coaching course on gratitude. Two people signed up. I was thrilled. I taught and coached. They showed up fully and shared with courage and compassion. We learned. We grew. We supported one. . . .

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person's hand writing in a notebook

Why You Need a Personal User Manual

Do you have a Personal User Manual? You need one. What? I’m not some piece of IKEA furniture or a kid or pet being left with a sitter. Of course not. You’re a human being who interacts with others in order to accomplish important work in a world of rapid,. . . .

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