temple bells

Episode 002: Stealth Mindfulness

If you think meditating for hours on end is the only way to achieve the benefits of mindfulness, think again. In this episode, learn approaches to mindfulness – without meditation – from founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Jon Kabat-Zinn, poet and writing teacher Marie Howe and Harvard social psychologist Ellens Langer that will help you reap […]

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reframing reframing

Episode 001: Reframing Reframing

  Learn how two questions can improve your life almost instantly.       Resources: Cognitive Reframing (http://study NULL.com/academy/lesson/cognitive-reframing-definition-techniques-examples NULL.html) Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant – Option B (https://optionb NULL.org/) Marting Seligman – Three Good Things (https://youtu NULL.be/ZOGAp9dw8Ac)

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humidifier use what you have

Use What You Have

Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation that fell somewhere between uncomfortable and miserable on the suffering scale, even though what you needed to get unstuck was within reach? I sure have. After a recent trip to an altitude where oxygen and humidity are precious commodities, though, I am resoled to use what I have to […]

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Positive Navigation Podcast

Episode 000: Welcome and Thanks

  Find out what the “positive” and “navigation” in Positive Navigation are all about and learn a simple practice to boost your positivity quickly and with ease.

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Ask for What You Want

That’s great. Can you reach a little lower? Inside corner, right shoulder blade.. Right there. Press as hard a you can. Ohhhh. Thanks so much. No, I wasn’t eavesdropping at the local day spa. Or doing something even creepier. I was at a chorus rehearsal, listening to the woman behind me ask for exactly what […]

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notice the good

Notice the Good

Gratitude is hard to come by sometimes. I mean, there’s plenty to be mad, sad, and afraid of these days. There always has been, of course, and likely always will be. Lately, though, events and actions that create emotions we think of as negative have seem to be coming more fast and furious than the […]

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personal strategic plan

No Job is Secure and How to Create Career Success Anyway

No job is secure. Tell me about it. At the end of a job that started with a full-on panic attack on day one and ended in turmoil twelve years later, that was my response to this core belief of the Career Invention Coaching Certification I undertook as part of my exit strategy. Great salary and benefits, […]

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rabbit rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit

Happy New Month! I don’t remember when I started saying “rabbit, rabbit” first thing on the first of the month, but it sure is a perfect excuse to post even more pics of the bunny who adopted me on social media. I could say “bunny, bunny” like Gilda Radner (http://www NULL.npr NULL.org/templates/story/story NULL.php?storyId=248041250) did to […]

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the truth about time

Tell the Truth About Time

Do you tell yourself the truth about time? Think for a moment about the lies you tell yourself about it. Call them stories or misconceptions if you prefer. Just don’t beat yourself up over it, because we all lie about time, pretty much all the time. Our culture worships busy and tricks us into believing […]

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v is for values

V is for Values

If it feels like your world is churning out of control like a river after a downpour . . . That predicting the future seems impossible, even around things you’ve managed well in the past . . . Like things are more complex and complicated than ever . . . That it’s harder to find […]

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