Better Decisions. More Success.

Choose wisely.

Make up your mind.

Make a good decision.

Easier said than done.

Because there are so many options.

Which sometimes makes it feel like there aren’t any.

Besides, who has time to research all, or even a few of those options, to the point that a decision feels good?

When every single decision has consequences.

So we get stuck.

In creativity-stifling jobs.

In energy-sapping routines.

In soul-sucking lives.

All because making good decisions feels so damn hard.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Knowing when to say yes and when to say no with confidence and ease is as simple as knowing your strengths, values and priorities.


If your strengths lean toward making things happen and you flourish amid structure and routine, saying “no” to the job with that startup where the organizational structure is more fluid than your morning smoothie becomes easy.

If you crave the support and interaction of a team, a strong “yes” might be expanding your solo practice by collaborating on a project with a trusted colleague.


If your values are all about justice, fairness and social responsibility, signing on to work for a corporation with a track record of blatant disregard for employees, customers and the planet becomes a clear “no,” no matter the salary and perks.

If you value creativity, love of learning and living with maximum zest and excitement, opening that art school you’ve dreamed of forever may be well be a heck “yes” – no matter how much your family and friends freak out about you ending up living in a van down by the river.


When your priorities are to make enough money to pay off student loans (not to mention the rent) and build savings, a lucrative gig that’s doesn’t exactly make your heart sing may be a wise, short-term “yes” – as long as you fuel yourself by intentionally and creatively employing your strengths and values, both at work and outside of it.

Priorities that include caring for young children, elders or (here’s a thought) yourself more fully? How cool to be able to say “yes” to one of a growing number of work modes available in today’s world of work, choosing one that gives you the ability to say “no” to 80-hour weeks and endless business travel.

When you’re clear about your strengths, values and priorities, you can make better decisions that lead to greater success.

You know how to do this.

But you don’t have to figure it out alone.

When you work with a professional, you get better results, whether you want to remodel your house, redesign your garden or reboot and re-energize your career.

House, garden, I’m not your person.

Career and life. I’m a “yes.”

My strong “yes,” the one that’s aligned perfectly with my strengths, values and priorities is helping people just like you get really clear so you can make better decisions that lead to greater success.

Let’s get started.

Schedule a complimentary Learn More About Coaching call to talk about how I can help you make better decisions with less aggravation for more success.


Image: Pixabay; used with permission


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