Episode 002: Stealth Mindfulness

If you think meditating for hours on end is the only way to achieve the benefits of mindfulness, think again.

In this episode, learn approaches to mindfulness – without meditation – from founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Jon Kabat-Zinn, poet and writing teacher Marie Howe and Harvard social psychologist Ellens Langer that will help you reap the benefits of mindfulness – meditation cushion and temple bells optional.


Positive Psychology Program – Benefits of Mindfulness (https://positivepsychologyprogram NULL.com/benefits-of-mindfulness/)

Jon Kabat-Zinn (http://www NULL.umassmed NULL.edu/cfm/about-us/people/2-meet-our-faculty/kabat-zinn-profile/)

Marie Howe (https://onbeing NULL.org/programs/marie-howe-the-power-of-words-to-save-us/) with Krista Tippet at onbeing

Ellen Langer (http://www NULL.ellenlanger NULL.com/)

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