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    Create the changes you want. Choose how you respond to the ones you never saw coming.

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    Experience well-being that leads to well-doing that matters.

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Florence MoyerI help people do great work. For good.

I believe that each of us is called to do great work. Things like working and living where our passions, strengths and skills intersect with the world’s greatest need. Things that fill us with abundance and joy as we serve something greater than ourselves.

Evidence-based tools that work like magic.

You have the perfect blend of strengths, skills and values to create the changes you want and to thrive through the ones that feel like they smack you upside the head. By noticing what’s good, right here, right now, you clear the path to getting more of what you want.

It’s not fairy dust and unicorns, either. When you make a habit of noticing the good and intentionally and creatively using your strengths, you literally rewire your brain, building even more capacity for sustainable well-being, resilience and the ability to grow and develop throughout your life.

Well-being that fuels well-doing that matters.

The way to get more of what you want is, paradoxically, by paying less attention to what you think you need to avoid, hide from, fix, or overcome. Maximizing your strengths and continually rebalancing your well-being is the best way to grow personal leadership and manage life’s inevitable challenges with confidence, agility and joy.

You deserve well-being. The world needs your well-doing.

Ready to navigate your right life? Let’s talk about how I can help.

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