It’s time to do great work you love.

Landing a job you love sounds easy. Make the right contacts. Dust off your resume. Shine at the interview.

Until the job changes so much you barely recognize it, you’re downsized, transferred, laid off – or promoted – or you simply long for something new.

It’s time. When you realize that the countdown to Friday starts on Sunday evening. When you’ve forgotten what being rested and focused feels like. When your version of work-life balance becomes more work and not much life.


It’s time to navigate your right life.

Lead from your strengths. Nurture your well-being. Flourish.


caterpillarI help creative, service-minded professionals

  • get clear about what they offer, what they want, and how and whom they want to serve,
  • gain confidence to make strong decisions, take inspired action, and mange change with agility, and
  • grow the courage to nurture self, connect deeply with others, and create the change they yearn for.



Strengths + Well-Being = Great work that you love. For good.