I help mission-driven individuals, teams, and organizations get clear so they can make wise decisions that lead to more success.

Whether you're a young professional launching your career, a boomer looking to craft a meaningful third act, or a professional somewhere in between who is looking to be well, do good, and experience more joy in your life’s work and work life, I can help.

I provide powerful coaching, deep listening, and confident leadership in a context of professionalism and safety - with generous doses of curiosity, playfulness and fun.

Your result: deep ownership of what lights you up and the gifts you bring to the world, a personalized, actionable strategy aligned with your strengths, values and priorities, and the confidence and competence to navigate your work life and life’s work with agility, resilience and joy.

Coaching Specialties

  • navigating a life or career transition, from figuring out what's next to starting strong in a new position
  • crafting a career strategy aligned with your definition of success and taking effective steps toward your goals
  • cultivating leadership, communication, and executive skills that serve you at work and in life.
  • launching, leading, and growing a sustainable business, project, or organization.

Through deep listening, powerful questions, and a proven coaching framework that's always customized to meet your specific needs, I'll help you:

  • get clear about your strengths, values, skills, and priorities,
  • make wise decisions that support effective action toward your goals, and
  • grow competence and courage to navigate challenges amid rapid change and complexity and to continue to grow and develop even after we finish working together.

Let's Connect

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