Whether you’re navigating a personal or career transition, ready to launch or grow your micro business, looking to align more deeply with your original medicine or finally ready to get unstuck and get on with what’s next, I can help.

Florence MoyerI’m master certified coach and career strategist Florence Moyer, and I help tough-minded, tender-hearted leaders navigate their right lives in the new economy by:

  • getting clear about what they offer, what they want, and where, how, and whom they want to serve,
  • gaining confidence to make strong decisions, take inspired action, and mange change with agility, and
  • growing the courage to nurture self, connect deeply with others, and spark the change they want to create in the world.


Stop working so hard to create a life you don’t want.

It’s time to navigate your right life.

Strengths. Balance. Agility. Flourishing.

Let’s get started.